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Clear Euphonic Speaker Pro

Clear Euphonic Speaker Pro

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Introducing the brand-new Clear Euphonic Speaker Pro, a portable wireless Bluetooth® speaker that unleashes a commanding and enveloping 360° sound experience, accompanied by thunderous bass. Built to withstand water, dust, and drops, this speaker is encased in stunning high-performance fabric, redefining what it means to be the ultimate speaker.

The Clear Euphonic Speaker Pro is not only a powerhouse of powerful and immersive sound, but it also maintains a delicate balance and pristine clarity. With Ultimate Ears' unique sound processing, it faithfully reproduces the music you love, delivering an authentic audio experience at any volume level.

With its enlarged size and larger woofer, it generates intense bass that resonates both audibly and physically. However, unlike many other portable speakers, it remains true to the essence of your music, devoid of exaggeration or distortion.

Expertly crafted using carefully selected premium materials, the Clear Euphonic Speaker Pro boasts a tactile and robust design, ensuring a durable and long-lasting portable speaker.

Experience crystal-clear voice calls, courtesy of its superior speakerphone performance. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 and two internal microphones, it guarantees optimal connectivity for online meetings and hands-free calls, leaving you with the finest audio connections.

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